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Rifle Kar 98k (Mauser Karabiner 98 kurz)

Here the Rifle that comes with "Klaus".

The Mauser Karabiner 1898 kurz is the standard army rifle and was developed in 1898. The main difference with the original rifle is that this one is much shorter, hence the k which stands for kurz (meaning short in english)

Kar_98k_1.jpg (28692 bytes)

Kar_98k_2.jpg (28010 bytes)

Unfortunately , the bayonet doesn't fit the rifle, because the cleaning stock (which shows under the barrel, is in the way.

The wood grain is beautifully done, and gives the impression of real wood.

Some technical data :

Ammo             : 8 x 57 IS (7.92 mm)
Capacity         : 5 rounds


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