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The Helmet (Stahlhelm)

The Helmet that comes with Hans looks good. And as Dragon said, it is not supposed to fit the head, but instead is to be hanged on the equipment. Well, I like the helmet as it is, but I still want to fit it on the figure.

Like Dragon said, the liner has to be removed so it will fit Hans.

Helmet_with_Liner.jpg (13689 bytes) here a picture of the helmet inside (with liner)
Helmet_Liner_original.jpg (13580 bytes) As you can see, the problem is when you remove the liner, you also remove the straps.

Ofcourse it didn't looked the way I wanted, so I decided to build my own liner.

Helmet_buckle.jpg (18523 bytes)

I started with the buckle which is made of steel wire (0.8 mm thick) and the strap. You can see the little hole in the strap which prevent the pin on the buckle to move.

It takes a little practice to make these tiny buckles, but it's not as difficult as it looks.


Helmet_Liner_1.jpg (22904 bytes) Here you see the strap I made around Hans head. It doesn't have to be precize because it won't show when the helmet is put on.
Helmet_Liner_2.jpg (22572 bytes) Here is the little belt with buckle attached to the liner.
Helmet_Liner_3.jpg (51853 bytes) The other side with the long strap. Note the little holes. The are made by pushing through the leather with a piercer (scrape of the remains at the backside of the strap with a sharp hobbyknife)
Helmet_Liner_4.jpg (33977 bytes) And here the completed liner with the strap hooked in the buckle.
Helmet_Complete.jpg (22460 bytes) And finaly the picture of how it looks when Hans wears his Helmet.

Looks rather nice don't you think ?

Any questions on making this ?? just mail me !

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