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The M 31 Mess Tin

Mess_Tin.jpg (7543 bytes)The M 31 Mess Tin is a little gem in my opinion.

Although there are a few points of comments the appearance is very nice. It can be opened, and the handle on the upper part is moveable. Ofcourse the big handle is also moveable and looks better then the cotswold mess tin. It comes with an elastic strap to hook it to the Bread Bag (although you need a pair of tweezers to pull the strap through the clasp)


Mess_Tin_parts.jpg (15312 bytes)Here a shot of the different parts of the mess tin.






Mess_Tin_parts_2.jpg (11501 bytes)And another view of the two main components of the mess tin.






Comments :

The thing I missed was the extra cup inside that comes with the real item but ofcourse that would be too much to ask for , I realize that :o)

Unfortunately the mess tin is made out of soft plastic, and I don't know if it can be painted easily (any tips on this would be very welcome !! will acrylic paint hold ??) because I would like to paint the inside aluminium color, and ofcourse to make it look worn out.

Also I think I'm going to make a new strap out of leather with a working clasp to make it even look better.

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