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Traffic Baton (Spiegelei)

Well.... not much to tell about this one.

Traffic Baton.jpg (14253 bytes)In German this also was called a "spiegelei" (which means fried egg) and the reason seams obvious to me.

During operation Barbarossa the advance of the troops was very fast and this lead to big traffic jams sometimes. Also the roads were in very bad condition. Therefore the need of trafic coordinators was obvious.

On the item itself : it is very nicely done and it includes even the little rope to secure it round the arm.








But...... it was not good enough for me..... :o) or let's put it in another way, I wanted to make one myself aswell. In many pictures I saw there was a different sign used : a real police sign, so I made one myself.

The dimensions are the same as the one from Dragon

Halt_sign.jpg (81327 bytes)

Here's how I made it :

take a little model brush (size 00) and cut the wood in the right length (about 7.2 cm) and scrape off the paint. In this way you get a nice wood stick. Then take a piece of plastic (1 mm thick) and make a little round (diameter 2.5 cm).

Saw the wood stick so that the plastic fits in the wood and glue it (be carefull with the sawing)

Then print the following picture on adhesive paper

halt_polizei.jpg (25916 bytes)

I based this sign on many pictures I saw, but also noted that there were very much variations. Hope you find this usefull, let me know what you think of it.


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