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Antitank Assault Charge (Haft Hohlladung 3 kg)

Gerhard is equiped with an Anti Tank Magnetic Mine.

Haft_hohlladung_3kg.jpg (7932 bytes)

This weapon was introduced with the troops at November 12 1942, and was a very powerfull weapon against tanks. The only disadvantage of this weapon was that the soldier had to come very close to the tank, to attach the charge.

Haft_Hl_3_1.jpg (18606 bytes)

The first type had a detonator (blue cap) with a delay time of 4.5 seconds, but this one didn't give the soldier who attached the mine enough time to take cover. It was replace at May 29 1943 with a detonator (yellow cap) wit a delay time of 7.5 seconds.

Haft_Hl_3_2.jpg (6262 bytes)

The disadvantage of this one however was that it burned withoud a noise, and one didn't know if it was set to detonate.

Haft_Hl_3_3.jpg (21838 bytes)

The Anti Tank charge had an armor penetration of 140 mm.

Haft_Hl_3_4.jpg (20153 bytes)

Here an image of a German soldier setting the detonator on the charge.



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