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Tank Destruction Badge (Panzervernichtungsabzeichen)

Gerhard is awarded with the Tank destruction badge.

Tank_medal.jpg (11537 bytes)The badge has to be worn on the upper right arm.




The Tank destruction badge was founded on March 9 1942 by the Supreme Commander of the Wehrmacht. The official name was "Sonderabzeichen fur das niederkampfen von Panzerkampfwagen durch Einzelkampfer" which means Special badge for the destruction of tanks by single man.

In short it was called "panzervernichtungsabzeichen" (Tank destruction badge) or "Panzerarmelband" (Tank armband).

Panzer_vernichtungs_abzeichen.jpg (29626 bytes)

With this badge soldiers were honoured, who singlehandidly destroyed a tank (or armoured car) from June 22 1941 (The beginning of the battle for Russia) with no other means than close combat weapons (such as Panzerfaust, Anti tank assault charge, rifle grenades, or Panzerschreck (bazooka).

The badge was awarded for every destroyed tank with a maximum of 5, then the 5 badges were replace by a golden one.

With six tanks destroyed one would wear a golden and a silver badge.


Anti_tank_medal_1.jpg (16303 bytes) Here a soldier of the tank corps with 4 tank destruction medals.
Anti_tank_medal_2.jpg (22080 bytes) A German Captain with 5 Tank destruction badges and a knights cross instructing members of the Hitler youth on the use of the Panzerfaust.
Anti_tank_medal_3.jpg (20446 bytes) German soldiers with a Panzerschreck. You can see the soldier firing with 3 tank destruction medals.
Here a soldier of the "Gro▀-Deutschland Division who is being awarded.

Note the dark green collar on the M43 jacket (The dark green collar was normally only used on the M36 jacket) 

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