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Shelter Quarter M 1931 (Zeltbahn 31)

"Wolf" also has what the Germans called a Zeltbahn. This piece of equipment was used in many ways. In this case Wolf uses it as a rain poncho.

The detail on this is really amazing. As far as I can see every button is there, and this is a great achievment of the modellers at Dragon.

Zeltbahn_31.jpg (28223 bytes)

The following picture shows a little piece of the detail, because it was just to big to put under my scanner.

Zelt_detail.jpg (32173 bytes)

Ofcourse a little bit of comment on my part : Unfortunately the buttonholes are closed, so you can't put the pieces together to create a tent. Maybe someday (when I feel up to it) I will correct this little flaw..... I guess Dragon will be releasing the shelter quarters as loose items, so I'll wait a little before "destroying" the ones I've got.

Back to the real item :

First off all I will show a picture with all the dimensions on it (special for Chris (Ozzie Gerhard))

Zeltbahn_31_dim_small.jpg (17628 bytes)Click on the Image to see the big one.






Like I said before the Zeltbahn was used in many ways. I will show some pictures of how it was used.

Zelt_1.jpg (18516 bytes)Here it shows 1 Zeltbahn used as a rain shelter.








Zelt_2.jpg (15072 bytes)This pictures shows 2 tents halfs buttoned together serving also as a rain shelter.







The following picture will show a tent which (ofcourse) could contain 4 men. In most of the original pictures a tent like this is shown.

Zelt_3.jpg (29874 bytes)

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