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Wehrmacht Infantry NCO  "Hans"

Packaging_small.jpg (12187 bytes)Dragon Action Figure

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Like I promised I will review this figure, and it's going to be an extensive one. The purpose of this is to show everyone how great (I think) this figure is.

The review will be devided into several sections, which will highlight every individual piece of equipment.

1.    The Figure

2.    The Uniform

        The M 35 Helmet (Stahlhelm modell 1935)

        M 36 Field Blouse (Feld Bluse modell 1936)

3.    The Equipment and Weapons

        SMG MP-40 (MaschinenPistole 40)

        Bayonet (Seitengewehr)

        M 31 Field Bottle (Feldflasche) update.gif (1754 bytes)

        M 31 Mess Tin  (Ess Geschirr)

        Bread Bag  (Brot Beutel)

        Entrenching Tool (Klappspaten)

        M 38 Gas Mask and Gas Cape (Gas Maske

        Modell 1938 und Gas Plane)


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