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Walther Pistol P 38 (Pistole 38)

The P 38 is the successor of the "Luger P 08" and was the standard weapon throughout World War II (many of the officers preferred the P08 however).

In a way the weapon was revolutionary because it was one of the first double action guns, which means it could be carried with a round in the chamber without much danger.

The weapon was first introduced to the troops in May 1940

Walther_P_38_1.jpg (17359 bytes)

Walther_P_38_2.jpg (17318 bytes)

Finaly some technical data on this weapon



9 mm.


219 mm.

Barrel Length:

124 mm.

Loaded Weight:

0.96 Kg ( 2.1 lbs).

Muzzle Velocity:

350 metres/second (1155 feet per second)

Magazine Capacity:

8 rounds.

Effective Range:

50 metres (165 feet).

Rate of fire:

24 rpm Single-shot.


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