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German Machine Gun MG 34 (Maschinen Gewehr 34)

Customizing a Cotswold MG 34 part 3

This section will show some nicer pics of the MG because a friend of mine was kind enough to drop by my place and took his digital camera with him.

First some pictures of the MG how it looks now

New_MG_1.jpg (20713 bytes)

New_MG_2.jpg (19119 bytes)

Here a few action shots of a Dragon Soldier with the MG

Cause I didn't want to scale them down the small images are clickable to see the big 640 x 480 picture.

Dragon_s_with_MG_1.jpg (4779 bytes)

Dragon_s_with_MG_2.jpg (4636 bytes)

Dragon_s_with_MG_3.jpg (4830 bytes)

Dragon_s_with_MG_4.jpg (6390 bytes)

Dragon_s_with_MG_5.jpg (5551 bytes)

And finaly the one I like most so far :o)

Dragon_s_with_MG_6.jpg (5856 bytes)

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