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Volkswagen Type 166 "Schwimmwagen" Details

This article will be about detailing the Schwimmwagen.

One of the first things I did was place the shovel on the correct position. 21st Century put in on the right backside of the schwimm which isn't correct : it should be on the left frontside.

In order to do this , you will have to make a few parts of your own.

I used the original holders for the shovel and the paddle to make new ones

Schwimm_hook_1.jpg (27934 bytes)

Here you see the part needed, make sure that you don't cut away too much so the shovel still fits !!

Then you will need a piece to secure the shovel.

Here's what I did : I took a piece of tin plate (a coca cola can f.i.) and made the following piece

Schwimm_hook_2.jpg (7429 bytes)

Then I bend it over the hook so it fits well, drilled holes through the tin and in the hook and secured it with a piece of metal wire

Schwimm_hook_3.jpg (15993 bytes)

Here you can see the result of the hook attached to the vehicle (in opened position).

Schwimm_hook_4.jpg (10626 bytes)

Ofcourse you will also need a piece to secure the shovel blade to the vehicle. I took a piece of paper (lenght ca 6 cm width ca 6 mm) and bend it ovet the shovel blade and glue it to the vehicle

Schwimm_shovel_1.jpg (15113 bytes)

Here a picture which shows the shovel attached to the vehicle.

Schwimm_shovel_2.jpg (14441 bytes)

And another view which clearly shows the new hook.

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