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Volkswagen Type 166 "Schwimmwagen" Details part 2

An item also missing on the Schwimmer are the hooks on the rear side.

Schwimm_back_hooks_1.jpg (33779 bytes)

This image (which comes from the Tamiya instruction sheet) shows them very clearly.

Here the parts I made on the 21st Schwimm. They are still unpainted so you can see it better.

Schwimm_back_hooks_2.jpg (12615 bytes)

I made and used the following parts for the hooks (from a plastic 1 mm sheet )

Schwimm_back_hooks_3.jpg (11841 bytes)

Then I took a 3 mm tube (with an inside diameter of 2 mm) and cut it in pieces. one piece I glued to the actual hook, and two pieces I glued on the part that fits on the Schwimm. In this way the hook is moveable. Insert a 2 mm screw to hold everything together.

Schwimm_back_hooks_4.jpg (13124 bytes)

This image shows the back side of the hook. You can see the 2 mm screw inserted.

Then take a few plastic strips (aprox. 5.5 cm long and 4 mm width) and glue them onto the vehicle as shown in the 1st picture. since the dimensions of the Schwimm are not correct I just glued them in a position that looked right.

Ofcourse you have to make 2 sets for both the left and the right side of the Schwimm.

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