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And here's some more things :

Sturmgewehr 44

Stgw_44_r.jpg (21905 bytes)

When I ordered the Cotswold Waffen SS Soldier, I also ordered the Stgw. 44 just because I like the weapon so much. However, the weapon had a black color, so I decided to paint it as well. First I used Revell Metalic Grey (nr.91) but it was too shiny, so I repainted it with Tamiya Gun Metal (nr. X-10), and it looks much better now.

Ofcourse I also repainted the wood stock to give it a more "wood like" appearance.

Stgw_44_l.jpg (22107 bytes)

Here another view of the weapon.

Another thing I did was cut away the piece between the barrel and the gas tube, but be careful not to break either one of them.

barrel.jpg (42226 bytes)

The next thing I want to do is make a machine gunner so first thing I made is a Machinegunners pouch.

mg_tasche.jpg (6267 bytes)I'm now looking for a good P-08 holster and a MG-34. Maybe I'll wait until 21st Century comes with an MG34 or maybe I'll order one from Brian Vota (does anybody know how the weapons from him are ???????)





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