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M 43 Field Cap (Einheitsfeldmütze 1943)

This is my first try on Customizing the Uniform, so I picked something relatively easy like this Field Cap.

The official Field Cap was adaped June 11th 1943 and found it's origin in the Afrika Korps.

M43_Field_Cap_1.jpg (12563 bytes)I didn't take the time to scale it to 1/6 scale (tried that first, but after taking the dimensions it didn't fit correctly on the head.) but I just took a pair of scissors and started working.






The deaths-head and eagle are from the same site as I took the insignia of the handgrenades and are printed on a HP Deskjet on adhesive paper.

M43_Field_Cap_2.jpg (10574 bytes)Here the front view of how it looks on the Cotswold Waffen SS Soldier.







M43_Field_Cap_3.jpg (12108 bytes)Instead of sewing it , I just took superglue, and glued it together :o)







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