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The M 36 / 40 Field Blouse
(Heeres Dienstanzug Feldbluse Modell 1936)

Here the Field Blouse Model M36 that comes with "Hans".
According to the box it's a M35 Jacket, but as far as I know this has to be M 36.
It has a dark green collar but in my opinion the color that Dragon used is a little to bright.

M35_Field_Blouse.jpg (45712 bytes)

Unfortunately the colors shown on the picure are not the same , but that's probably a problem on the scanner :o) The uniform has the shoulderpieces of a Feldwebel (actualy a UnterFeldwebel) which is the same as a Sergeant.

Here a picture of the back of the uniform

M35_Field_Blouse_back.jpg (40378 bytes)

This also shows the silver striping on the collar.

M35_Field_Blouse_open.jpg (44899 bytes)

Here a shot of the open uniform which shows the little push buttons used to close the uniform. You can also see how the "real" buttons are attached to the uniform.

Finaly a close up shot of the German Eagle (Hoheits abzeichen) and the left upper pocket.

M35_Field_Blouse_eagle.jpg (55440 bytes)

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