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SubMachineGun MP40 (MaschinenPistole 40)

This is the submachinegun that comes with "Hans".

It has a working folding stock and a removable magazine and looks really good.

MP_40_1.jpg (21344 bytes)

MP_40_2.jpg (20179 bytes)

If you see these picture it is hard to believe that it is only 1/6 scale.

Some data on the weapon :

The MP-40 is often called "Schmeisser" but Hugo Schmeisser had noting to do with the development of this SMG, although he did design the wooden stock MP-41.

Some technical data :

Ammo             : 9mmx19 Parabellum
Capacity         : 32 rounds
Rate of fire     : theoreticaly 400 rounds p/ minute

MP_40_3.jpg (25483 bytes)

Here a picture with the stock unfolded.

MP_40_4.jpg (20291 bytes)

And here a picture of the magazine removed. The dragon figure "Gerhard" will have an enhanced MP 40 and a better magazine which shows the rounds.

MP_40_mag.jpg (26503 bytes)

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