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The Bayonet for Kar 98k

Bayonet.jpg (4912 bytes)Bayonet_open.jpg (6455 bytes)This is the standard Kar 98k bayonet that comes with the figure.  

It can be removed from the scabbard ( and I guess it will fit the Kar 98k Rifle that comes with the Infantry Soldier) .

It slides into the Entrenching tool but in real it comes with a frog (thanks mr. Jim Woods) but it's not included so (ofcourse) I decided to build one of my own.



Bayonet_holster.jpg (2630 bytes)To make it , I used the same material as on the Y-belt





Bayonet_with_holster.jpg (4414 bytes)This is how it looks when the bayonet is inserted, but ofcourse it's not finished ....







Bayonet_complete.jpg (16804 bytes)Now it's complete. I added the little "retaining belt" to secure the bayonet, and as usual, I painted the stiches white.

In addition, I painted the handgrip of the bayonet in a "chocolate" color. The material officialy used was called "bakelit" which was the predecessor of plastic, but some bayonets were equiped with real wooden handgrips.

I don't know why Dragon forgot to make the frog cause everything else seems to be complete on the figure.

Then , ofcourse , customizers like me would be out of a job..... and where would the fun be then.........................





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