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The Bread Bag

Breadbag.jpg (17955 bytes)To be honest.... I still don't know what to think of this one...., ok, it opens and can be filled with all kind of stuff, that's the part I like, and the designers did think about it, but the appearance doesn't "feel" good to me. I will be redoing this one definately one day, but I'm not sure when, cause I don't have the proper material right now, only thing I can do is cut up another one to remake the other one.


So what's wrong with it (in my humble opinion that is)

The color seems to bright to me. The real ones I own are either darkish green (more like the uniform itself, or have a more khaki colour. ( btw. the Dragon breadbag is much more greener then on this picture)

The straps to hang the breadbag on the waist belt are made out of leather, and in reality they're from the same material as the breadbag itself (that's why I would need another one to make it right)

The D-rings are standing up (unless you hang something to it ofcourse, and that's what they are made for ofcourse)

The little leather straps on the flap are way to big

Breadbag_back.jpg (15321 bytes)Ofcourse there are good things to say too. Like the D-rings on the back of the breadbag. In real it came with a belt which could be attached to these rings so one could wear the breadbag over ones shoulder. Unfortunately this belt doesn't come with the figure, but they did pay attention to detail here !




And here's a shot of the opened breadbag, I liked the solution of the buttons to close and open the breadbag, and even the leather straps on the inside of the flap are there (this was the real way to close the breadbag.

Breadbag_open.jpg (24992 bytes)Well here it is. They did pay a lot of attention to detail, but still .... I don't know.   Maybe I have to get used to this one, or is it the fact that I build one of my own? You tell me :o)

Maybe it's the fact that this after all was one of the most used equipment items of a German Soldier and shows up on virtually every photo that makes me a little bit critical.







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