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The M38 Gas Mask (Gas Maske) and Gas Cape (Gas Plane)

Gas_Mask.jpg (24674 bytes)Here the M38 Gas Mask.

In one word : Great

In comparisson with the Cotswold Gas Mask, this has everything one could ask for, except maybe that the real gas mask isn't inside. (A real  challenge for a customizer , and I'm definately gonna make one)

The straps are made of elastic material and unfortunately the color is black, while is should be a sort of field grey / khaki. Here the Cotswold one is more accurate, however , this doesn't have the hook to attach it to the waist belt.

Gas_Mask_back.jpg (20440 bytes)Here a shot of the back side. You can see how the cover is attached to the cannister.

The cover can be removed, but you should be carefull here. It's a little fragile.






Gas_Mask_cover.jpg (8989 bytes)Gas_Mask_cover_inside.jpg (12621 bytes)A shot of the cover and the inside of the cover. The attention to detail is great here, cause even the container inside the cover which held the spare glases for the mask itself are present.






Gas_mask_glass_1.jpg (13379 bytes)I thought it would be nice to show some pictures of the spare glasses which were held in the cover.

The text says : Insert glass so that one can read "Inside" from within the mask.







Gas_mask_glass_2.jpg (13625 bytes)Here the other side which says: "Glasses" take care of moist ; do not wipe, hold only at the edges.








Gas_mask_glass_3.jpg (6183 bytes)And here a picture of the glass itself which shows the date (1940) and Inside.





Back to the gasmask that came with the figure. It also includes the Gas Cape which officially had to be worn in front of the chest, but many soldiers would carry it round the gas mask itself.

Gas_Cape.jpg (16189 bytes)

Unfortunately the straps are fixed to the Gas Cape itself , so it will be difficult for me to replace them with real working straps and buckles. The good thing is that it can be removed from the mask container.

Gas_Mask_Cape.jpg (12407 bytes)And here the final shot of the gas cape attached to the Gas Mask cannister.






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