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German Machine Gun MG 34 (Maschinen Gewehr 34)

Customizing a Cotswold MG 34 part 2

Time to get some detail on the MG.

MG_34_bipod.jpg (8346 bytes)I had no idea how to fix this exactly, so first thing I did was cut the Cotswold bipod in half.

I want the bipod to be moveable, so I had to think of something.




Here's what I did :

MG_34_bipod_2.jpg (24090 bytes)

I took a piece of sprue from a model (or take a solid plastic rod) with a diameter of 3 mm. Drill a hole of 1 mm through the center , and drill a hole of 1 mm through the existing pin on the MG.

MG_34_bottom.jpg (19051 bytes)

Then, take a piece of sprue and heat it a little , then stretch it, so you get a thin plastic rod which fits through the 1 mm hole.

This may take some practise :o)

Then get a little screwdriver and heat it.

Push the warm screwdriver against the little plastic rod so it melts.

Now the 3 mm rod is moveable.





Then take a small piece of plastic (1 mm thick) 8 mm lenght and 4 mm height and glue it against the moveable rod. Be carefull not to take to much glue because otherwise it's not going to be moveable.

MG_34_bottom_glue.jpg (15451 bytes)

The result should be someting like this.

MG_34_moveable.jpg (47627 bytes)

Make sure it is dry before you move ont to the next step !!!!!

It's time to fix the legs now !

MG_34_bipod_cut.jpg (23848 bytes)

Cut away the upper part of the bipod.

MG_34_bipod_cut_2.jpg (17276 bytes)

Then cut away a slice of 1 mm like shown on the left picture, so you can push the leg on the machine gun.

It's not the most beautifull way to fix the legs to the MG, but at least it is still moveable ;o)






Now the legs can be fitted on the MG

MG_34_with_bipod.jpg (18786 bytes)

Only thing left (for the moment that is) is to fix the legs on the MG so they can be firmly attached to the MG.

A little rod has to be attached on the MG as shown in the following picture

MG_34_bipod_hold.jpg (15039 bytes)

And ofcourse a piece has to be attached to one leg, to hold the legs.

MG_34_leg_with_hold.jpg (11602 bytes)

And here a picture of how it looks with the legs attached to the MG.

MG_34_legs_complete.jpg (21362 bytes)

That's it for now.... hope you enjoyed this article !!

Let me know what you think !

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