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 PAK building instructions, part I

General instructions / Pivot Assembly



First an overview of the parts.

First impression :

a GREAT model. Parts are very detailed, not a lot of flash, no bend parts....


Let's get to work ! (some general instructions)

First of all, remove the flash. Be carefull not to break it away, because you have
a chance of destroying the part.

Here parts with the mold release left over. Remove it with sand-paper,
hobby knife or file.

In the end, this is what is left over :-)

Well, I guess this is pretty obvious, but nonetheless very importent to do this

OK, let's really go to work :

Here you see the partly assembled pivot assembly.

Note the circle where I drilled holes to hold the scope mount. Initially they were not there.

Here some modifications I made on the "adjustment wheel" bar.
A tube will come out of the screw later.

Here the "adjustment" wheels and bars attached.

The handles on the wheels are scratch build.

Top view of he pivot assembly

And another detail shot.

Click here for part II, The Axle Assembly ....




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