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 This page will contain a walk-around of the German 3.7 cm PAK 35/36

Special Thanks go to Bruce Clark from Canada who made the pictures of the real PAK
 and was kind enough to mail them to me so I could  use them. He also was willing to go back to the museum and photograph some more details... I  am very thankfull !!!

It will show details, so you can use them to build the 1/6 scale PAK from Pegasus



While waiting for the Pegasus 1/6 model,
 I have build the 1/35 scale Tamiya model (for reference)

 Tamiya 1/35 scale PAK 35/36 with "Stielgranate 41"


Update, March 18, 2002

The waiting has ended, The 1/6 PAK 35/36 arrived

I divided the building instructions into sections

Part I  -  The Pivot Assembly (march 19, 2002)

Part II - The Axle Assembly (march 21, 2002)

Part III - The Leg Assembly (march 25, 2002)

Part IV -  The Cannon Assembly (march 28, 2002)

Part V -  The Main Assembly (june 8, 2002)



The Walkaround (with special thanks to Bruce Clark and Reese Timm)

These are the pictures Bruce Clark made 
in a Canadian War museum in Ottawa




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