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Volkswagen Type 166 "Schwimmwagen" DECALS

To get decals for my schwimm I did the following : I used the decals that come with the Tamiya 1/35 model and scanned them at 1200 dpi.

Ofcourse it wasn't much good, so I scaled them up to 1/6 scale the best I could.

It still isn't perfect, but I think it'll have to do for the time being.

Here a picture of the decals

decals.jpg (24503 bytes)

The model I want is that of the Panzer Grenadier Regiment Gro Deutschland (Russia 1944) and to represent that unit you will need decal nr's 8, 9 and 10

decal_8.jpg (2557 bytes)decal_9.jpg (2399 bytes)decal_10.jpg (2000 bytes) 




The pictures are clickable and the images can be saved and printed on adhesive labels. The program I work with is Paint Shop Pro.

Here a scan of the Schwimm with the decals

Decals_left_side.jpg (21460 bytes)

The only problem remaining is that I need a sort of clear matt coating to spray over the decals so they don't come off. I'm not sure what to use yet, so if any of you have ideas ??

The paint I used is Tamiya Acrylic paint but I don't know if they have some sort of coating.

Another decal which is no doubt very important for the Schwimm is the one on the left side with some vehicle specifications. On almost every (original) photo I saw , this marking can be seen.

You can see it on the original Tamiya decals as decal nr. 1

decal_1.jpg (2961 bytes)

The explanation of the meaning is as follows :

Kfz = Kraft Fahrzeug (Vehicle)
K2s = probably the vehicle identification code

Leergew. = Leergewicht (weight empty)

Nutzlast (loading weight capability)

Ve. Kl. II = unknown so far (info ??)

The wheel pressure is also an important decal which shows on almost every vehicle.

I haven't got a clue yet what at means in German, but I guess it's the same as atmospheric pressure.

The front wheels are 1.8 atm and the rear ones 2.2 atm

I used the white markings, but the black ones can be used as well (on original pictures sometimes you see black markings, sometimes white) so I decided to put them both up.

decal_3.jpg (2870 bytes)decal_5.jpg (2842 bytes)

decal_4.jpg (2913 bytes)decal_6.jpg (2876 bytes)

Here an image on how it looks on the vehicle

Schwimm_decals.jpg (13915 bytes)

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