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21st Century Volkswagen Type 166 "Schwimmwagen"

This is my attempt of customizing the 21st Schwimmwagen

First of all, I think the model 21st brought is a very good one, there are, however, a lot of details missing. (then ofcourse, if the details were there, the model was going to be a lot more expensive I think.

And then, ofcourse, there wouldn't be much fun on customizing it.

A lot of pictures can be found on the net, and I will make a listing of the sites I discovered (with the help of the sandbox ofcourse)

This article will be very chaotic at this moment, but I will make sections in the future.


My biggest reference is the Tamiya 1/35 scale model and it's very usefull.

Tamiya_box_small.jpg (28742 bytes)

My intention is that you all can benefit from my attempts so don't hesitate to ask if something is unclear.

On Thor's site is a very clear description on how to disassemble the vehicle so no point in explaining it here again :o)

Well, here some images on what I did so far :

Air-intakes.jpg (15662 bytes)

You can see that I drilled four holes (3 mm drill) near the exhaust pipe. According to THOR (and I believe him ofcourse) these are the air intakes for the air-cooled engine

Vents_2.jpg (14437 bytes)

Here you see the part round the exhaust pipe. I cut away the plastic which is a difficult job. First draw the part you want to cut away and start drilling holes, then take a sharp hobby knife to cut away the parts. I painted the inside of the upper hull black so one doesn't see the part where the screws go in (you also must be carefull when cutting this part)

Then I bought some mesh (the stuff to hang in front of your window to keep the flies away !) and glued iit inside of the cut away part.

Vents_2_org.jpg (7870 bytes)This is the original picture I found on the net which shows the part clearly.




And here a picture which I took recently with a digital camera which shows the mesh a little better

Schwimm_mesh.jpg (13480 bytes)

Click HERE to see an article about the Shovel, and how to put it on the correct position on the vehicle.

Click HERE to see an article about the Rear Hooks.

I also am making decals for the schwimmwagen. I want mine to be from the Panzer Grenadier Regiment Gro▀Deutschland (Russia 1944) so I took the decals of the Tamiya Schwimm , scanned them, rescaled them, and printed them on adhesive paper.

Click here to go to the decal section where I will explain how the decals are made.

Left_side_decals.jpg (11326 bytes)

Here you see an example of the camouflage painting and the applied decals (so far because it isn't finished yet.) The images are not very good, because I held the Schwimm on my scanner, and it's not easy to hold it still for so long :o)

Soon I will take my camera , and make some good pictures. please stay tuned.

There are so many things to do here, so I will be very busy !!!!!


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